only a precious few get to see Me for sessions as I am highly selective, don’t waste your opportunity to serve Me.

If you wish to serve Me, but “don’t want to pay to be a slave” understand this, you are not paying to work FOR Me. You are paying for My time, My attention, My energy, My personality, My expertise. You are paying to be near Me.  No, you cannot pay Me with an exchange. Do not approach Myself or any other Dominatrix empty handed or with an empty wallet.

What I love doing

"There is nothing like watching a man buck and squirm as I torment his most precious possession."

*If you have another interest that is not listed above you may contact me to discuss.

Hard Limits

Like anyone I have my limits and these cannot be broken. Do NOT try to negotiate with me on these – you have been warned.

  • Penetration of Me
  • Oral intimate worship (except My feet)
  • Naked face sitting
  • Breath play
  • Needle play
  • Severe degradation
  • Overt public play