Yes a Dominatrix costs money, but it is not just the hours in My Divine presence that you receive. It’s not just that I know how to touch on your kinks and press your buttons, and push you to the edge, then guide you back again, into My embrace.

It’s the ripples left in your mind and in your body, long after you have left. Those lingering images of My movements, the lingering sensation of My touch. 

It’s those imprints that linger, always there to be summoned with memory. What smells awaken a memory or image within you? which song?

It’s these gifts that I leave you with, to recall at your bidding. Money comes and goes all the time but what lasts?

Investing in a Dominatrix is something that will last you until the end of your days.

Only those who invest, get to indulge in peak erotic experiences.

The Rules:

Good things take time, dedication, and effort – serving me is no exception. If you are serious about wanting to serve make sure to read all the rules and submit the form below. 

Last Minute Bookings

Requests made spur of the moment will not be granted unless we have sessioned before and I know you well, in which case there will be a $100 surcharge.


I work hard and will not spare a thought for anyone wasting my time. Be respectful and provide me with as much advanced notice as possible if your circumstances change and you need to cancel.


If you message Me requesting a session, I will get back to you in My own good time. If you hound Me, My tribute has doubled, you now qualify for asshole tax. Even if you can afford asshole tax, you can’t. I will NOT session with you.

Scene Options

If you truly want to serve me I require a minimum of an hour long session. I have debated this for quite some time and it is my opinion that anything shorter does not allow for a strong enough connection and thus I will not entertain it. The following is a guide and may change depending on the nature, intensity, and preparation needed for a scene:

  • 1 Hour – $400
  • 1.5 Hours – $600
  • 2 Hours – $800
  • 2+ Hours – let’s discuss

Are you ready to submit?