To submit to a higher power...

Serving a Dominatrix is a luxury that is not available to everyone. If you wish to have the opportunity to serve Me, ensure you have the means, I do not negotiate. (except if you’re hot like Coop, in which case I will certainly think about it… and if you managed to win me over like he has then all the better for you xxx)

An embodiment of divinity, will stretch and grow you in ways you can never imagine. You will shed your old skin, and move forward in the world with a purpose driven by something bigger than yourself.

The older I get the more I realise how unpalatable men are. If you are lucky enough to make your way into My life, believe that you are either enjoyable to be around or show a vague amount of potential. I need to be impressed by you (rare) OR see something that I can work with. I will only put in the effort if I see benefit for Me and believe you will be broken down and then systematically put back together in such a way that you are no longer vaguely tolerable, but entirely engaging and pleasant to be around. The breaking down though, will be confronting. I will show you your failings. I will highlight your shortfalls.


This will be both shocking and painful as all self-improvement, and subsequently evolution and self-mastery is. Imagine an eagle cracking its egg and breaking away the shell, then pushing itself out into the world. That is struggle. Without that struggle the eagle’s wings wouldn’t be strong enough to soar. I will not help you out of your shell. I will pressurise you until you rise to the challenge and push your way out. You will be stronger, resilient, majestic.


That is why it is difficult to be with Me, but the rewards are the unfolding of your greatest potential.