"I truly LOVE what I do"

Before I became a Dominatrix I worked in corporate finance. I hated My job, but I excelled at it. I got results which meant My boss loved Me. He loved Me, but My co workers did not. They described Me as aggressive, pushy, demanding, a bitch.

This is what happens when someone has a dominant energy but no healthy expression for it. I was basically Domming everyone around Me, including My manager who stated “She can’t be managed.”

It was true, I cannot be managed and unwitting and un-consenting co-workers are not the right place to exert My force. Since discovering My calling as a Dominatrix, My exacting temperament is now sought after and loved. My particularities and expectations are not only delivered but revered. This brings Me so much joy and fulfilment.

For those of you looking to serve, note I am far more generous with a thoughtful and considered approach than I am with “what services do you offer” or “what do I get for that?” Gifts are gratefully received and if they are received without My instruction they will get you so much further with Me.¬†For example My cleaning sub is instructed to bring me fresh flowers, if he arrives with My flowers AND My favourite chocolates, I am far more inclined to extend him My affections/attention, in his case, I may allow him to kiss My boots prior to leaving, or I may wear stockings around the house whilst he is cleaning, because I know he loves seeing Me in stockings.